What are the range of ‘communicative acts’ that successfully traverse ethnography and business/insights/strategy? Is it .ppts and white papers all the way down?

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From Experience Models to Immersion Tools: Transferring Ethnographic Knowledge In An Agile World by John Payne

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You Can’t Be Serious?! – LEGO® Serious Play® – Serious Solution Crafting for Kids aged 3 to 103.

By Dorte Tollner and Cori Moore EPIC2014 Workshop: You Can’t Be Serious?! – LEGO® Serious Play® – Serious Solution Crafting for Kids aged 3 to 103. Well the excitement of last week has taken its toll – or perhaps that’s just the jet lag. Now back in Berlin, I’m reminiscing our epic week, uploading pictures and re-reading scribbled notes – it’ll no doubt take me a lot longer to absorb it all. I’d like to thank all of those who made it to my LEGO® Serious Play® Workshop on Sunday. I had the pleasure of welcoming ethnographers, anthropologists, designers and…

Studying In and Studying Out

By Elizabeth Broidy and Ken Erickson An EPIC 2014 Workshop: Studying In and Studying Out: Linking Organizational and Consumer Ethnography The big idea here is this. Most anthropologists are working either in the organizational space or in the consumer space and no one is looking at the interface between these two cultural domains. Sharing what we have learned after years of practice in organizations and for consumer product and services companies, Erickson and Briody engaged workshop participants in sharing tips for bringing an understanding of organizations into so-called consumer research, and vice-versa. We told some stories, some tales of the…

You too can collect big data!

by Kathy Baxter, Google EPIC2014 Workshop by Anna Avrekh, Kathy Baxter, & Bob Evans At the EPIC 2013 Keynote, Tricia Wang observed that, if you are not working with “Big Data,” the implication is that your data are “small.” Although the number of data points or participants may not be in the millions or ever thousands, the data we gather is actually far richer. As our community knows, web analytics or logs can tell us WHAT people are doing but never WHY. We may attempt to infer it based on what we see but unless we ask our users why…

Global Expertise at Your Fingertips

Intelligences As EPIC people around the world gear up for another incredible conference, we are excited to launch a new initiative on to advance the unparalleled expertise of the EPIC community. Intelligences immerses you in a decade of essential work in our field, establishing EPIC as the best source of ethnographic expertise on a global scale. We invite you to search, read, share, comment, and provoke—Intelligences makes our work more dynamic and interactive, as well as more accessible beyond the EPIC community to your colleagues, clients, thought leaders, and business leaders. And look for even more peer-reviewed papers, keynotes…

Voices, not data points: building connections between clients and informants to create impact

By Maria Cury, ReD Associates Camila sat down on her faded pink sofa, unwrapped the bandage around her calf, and showed me a violet wound, some of the skin crusty and some of it wet. Her daughter Cecilia sat on the edge of a chair in the corner, filling gaps in the story – “remember we tried a gel that inflamed your skin,” “the pharmacy down the street never gives us enough gauze.” At ReD Associates, we often work with big healthcare companies who seek more patient-centric approaches to product design, and our insights have implications on product, packaging, and…